CPXP/PXE Portal - Application & Credit Claiming


Accessing the CPXP/PXE Portal

To access the CPXP/PXE Portal click the blue "Login" button in the upper right corner of this screen. If you are a new user/applicant, click "new user" on the sign in pop-up window to establish log in credentials. Returning users can log in with their established credentials.

Starting the Application Process

For the Certified Patient Experience Professional Application (CPXP), it is important to review the CPXP Handbook in its entirety before you begin the process. All applications undergo a full review process and will receive a determination on approval within 30 days of application. Completing an application does not guarantee you will be approved to take the examination. 

For the Patient Experience Continuing Education Credit Application (PXE), it is important to review the Guidebook to offering PXE Credits to ensure you are prepared to provide all required information.  If you are applying for a conference or event with multiple sessions, please contact us at info@pxinstitute.org before beginning your application. 

Claiming PXE Credits (Accessing PXE Certificates)

To begin the credit claiming process click the link "Claim Credits", if you need guidance please review the PXE Claiming handout

If you do not see the "Claim PXE" menu item or a learning activity for which you look to claim credits is not listed, please contact us AND notify your learning activity provider. They must confirm your participation to PXI before any credits can be issued. 

Click "Login" in the upper right corner to get started. To support you in the login process, a login process overview presentation is available for download.

Application TroubleshootingIf you are unable to access this site fully, there have been occassions when certain browser versions, particularly earlier versions of Internet Explorer (IE), block access. If possible, please try logging in with a different browser such as more recent version of IE, Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla.

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