Enduring Materials



An enduring material is a non-live CME activity that "endures" over time. It is most typically a video or recorded webinar. Enduring materials are usually delivered via the Internet. The learning experience can take place at any time in any place, rather than only at one time, and one place, like a live CME activity. Enduring materials must comply with all ACCME Essential Areas and Elements (including the Standards for Commercial Support) and Accreditation Policies. However, there are specific communication requirements for enduring materials because of the nature of the activities.

With HighMarksCE’s enduring materials module, administrator(s) can easily share content online and create a new revenue stream. Users can view PowerPoint and PDF documents online and watch videos of recorded live activities or webinars. The module also keeps users in compliance with ACCME and accreditation policies and requirements. This reduces the paperwork and time it takes to directly load into the ACCME PARS reporting system.

Other enduring materials module features include: